During Europaforum Turku and beyond, Europa present in the middle of Turku: along the Aurajoki (near Vanha Suurtori or on the Itäinen Rantakatu) from August 25 to September 12, portraits of people from the Member States of the EU between the trees – including some citizens from Turku. The work of art demonstrates what differentiates

Exhibition in Málaga

From September 30th to October 2nd, the Moorish fortress Alcazaba in Málaga was turned into a canvas on which the “thousand faces” could be seen, which the German artist Carsten Sander portrayed in his project “Faces of Europe”. The projection took place every evening at 9 p.m. as a “symbol of solidarity and cohesion in
The Düsseldorf photographer and artist Carsten Sander made a trip through all 27 member states of the European Union in order to photograph European society in its greatest possible diversity. From June to October 2020, Sander was out and about with his camera during the corona pandemic – over 1,000 portraits of people of various

Faces of Germany, Faces of Guangzhou

Carsten Sander and XIAO Quan both chose to have cities, countries and times solely documented by their people, through portraits which are both concise and vivid. Behind each expressive photo is the culture and the life the respective sitters, as well as the dreams and thoughts they have. The juxtaposition of these two artists, with

Special photo exhibition in Greifswald

The art project of the photographer Carsten Sander came from September 24th. to Greifswald until October 24th, 2021 After a long and even longer journey due to Corona, FACES OF EUROPE have been presented to the public since the middle of last year. The “Stories and Faces of Europe” have already been staged in various
The time has come – the exclusive illustrated book for the photo art project Faces Of Europe – Carsten Sander can now be ordered. The book, limited to 1000 copies, is produced and published by MadeByMates. We also provided active support with the creation and editing and are proud to be part of this unique
From July 3rd to July 18th, 2021, Faces of Europe will be visiting the BMW branch in Munich. After the start in the Bavarian capital, the pictures are then displayed in different BMWs dealerships in Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Göttingen, Frankfurt, Leipzig. On the trip through the European Union, the photographer portrayed various people Faces from