After the photo art project "HEIMAT. Germany - Your Faces", CARSTEN SANDER is now embarking on a search for the identity of a heterogeneous community consisting of over 447 million inhabitants in 27 European countries with "Faces Of Europe". On his journey through the European Union, Sander now once again portrays 1000 faces. With this work he sets a sign for integration and humanity. A statement for human rights, common values and a peaceful coexistence.

In various exhibitions in different settings and presentations the portraits of the 1000 Faces are exhibited and the public kit is presented.

On his tour through Europe, Carsten Sander is accompanied by a camera team. In individual documentary films, exciting stories, breathtaking landscapes and this extraordinary journey are captured on film.

Members Of The European Union

Austria +++ Belgium +++ Bulgaria +++ Croatia +++ Cyprus +++ Czech Republic +++ Denmark +++ Estonia +++ Finland +++ France +++ Germany +++ Greece +++ Hungary +++ Ireland +++ Italy +++ Latvia +++ Lithuania +++ Luxembourg +++ Malta +++ Netherlands +++ Poland +++ Portugal +++ Romania +++ Slovakia +++ Slovenia +++ Spain +++ Sweden

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FACES OF EUROPE is a cultural-political project initiated by Dusseldorf- and Berlin-based photographer Carsten Sander, which is dedicated to the European public sphere. It was commissioned by the Federal Foreign Office within the framework of Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2020.