Special photo exhibition in Greifswald

The art project of the photographer Carsten Sander came from September 24th. to Greifswald until October 24th, 2021 After a long and even longer journey due to Corona, FACES OF EUROPE have been presented to the public since the middle of last year. The “Stories and Faces of Europe” have already been staged in various European cities such as Helsinki, Rome and Strasbourg. Now the photo art project is coming to Northern Germany / Greifswald for the first time.

At the opening weekend from 24.09. From 7:00 p.m. until 26.09.2021, Sanders FACES OF EUROPE shone in an elaborate video art projection in the Pomeranian State Museum in the dark. In addition to the elaborate video art projection, the outdoor exhibition also included various light steles that stretched through Greifswald’s city center as a FACES OF EUROPE Walk.

From 24.09. Until October 24th, 2021, the light steles produced especially for the exhibitions showed pictures and interviews by Europeans from the 27 EU member states. The locations of the FACES OF EUROPE exhibition were on Langen Straße, in the Casper David Friedrich branch and in the STP gallery.

Press news:

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