Difficult start

Unfortunately, Covid-19 also influenced this project. There FACES OF EUROPE stands for a common cooperation and for the first time in decades, all in front of closed borders. But the hope and faith in the cause are strong. So the project started in Carsten Sander’s home country Germany. Here he and his team stopped off in Berlin, Munich and Cologne, among other places.


Coronavirus and COVID-19 have undoubtedly an enormous impact on all our lives and plans. This project is no exception. One thousand faces of the EU were to be portrayed, 27 countries to be visited – but the moment the mobile studio was ready to go coincided with the beginning of a lockdown in most EU member states. This is why the website you see here is only the beginning – a sneak peek of a work still in progress, a work that now, be-sides being a tribute to peaceful coexistence, to tolerance and to diversity in the EU, is also testament to a crisis bigger than anything the EU has ever seen before. The first photos of this exhibition were taken of citizens from all EU member states living in Berlin. Finally, in mid-June, artist Carsten Sander was able to start his tour throughout the EU and will now, picture by picture, expand the exhibition with further portraits.