The BWM branch Barsbüttel cooperates with the photographer Carsten Sander and shows portraits for a diverse Europe

The Düsseldorf photographer and artist Carsten Sander made a trip through all 27 member states of the European Union in order to photograph European society in its greatest possible diversity.

From June to October 2020, Sander was out and about with his camera during the corona pandemic – over 1,000 portraits of people of various nationalities were created, each face has an individual story. In their entirety, the photographs provide an answer to the question of European identity. With his works, Carsten Sander would primarily like to stand up for community and peaceful coexistence in the EU. He stands for integration, human rights and common European values.

From August 31 to September 14, the portrait photographs will be on view in the BMW branch in Hamburg Barsbüttel. A variety of portraits are displayed in a showroom on 27 large screens and 34 large prints. Afterwards, all visitors have the opportunity to take a motif home as a postcard. With the “GetBaff” app, this can be experienced digitally and it is possible to accompany Carsten Sander on the various sections of his journey.